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You've struggled to find a job that pays well. You don't want or need a full-time job, or maybe you do, but flexibility is important to you. You are not interested in hosting home parties selling kitchen wares and tchotchkes. Your family comes first. Retirement is nudging at you, but you don't really want to stop working altogether. You want a career that challenges your intellect and rewards your professionalism. You've always wondered about working for yourself.

Let me tell you about the Notary Signing Agent industry.

Notary Signing Agents are responsible for facilitating the signing of real estate closings, mortgage refinances, and other financial documents. NSAs are independent contractors working in their own business to assist signing services, title agencies and mortgage companies. NSAs understand the documents, are experts in the notarization requirements, and are dedicated to completing each signing accurately and timely.

Becoming a Notary Signing Agent is not a complicated process. In this webinar we will discuss what you need to do to become a Notary Signing Agent, the approximate costs involved (surprising low for such a lucrative business), income potential, and how you can model your NSA business to be not only profitable, but remote and portable should you move from your current state of residence. Notary Signing Agents work in every state in the US, and so can you.

The Ideal Business

Work it when you want to

Move the business when you need to

A business with low barriers to entry and minimal startup costs

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Attend a webinar about this exciting and lucrative business. We will tell you how you can start a NSA business of your own and how building this business is doable now.

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