A Notary Public is a public servant appointed by the Governor. I take that responsibility very seriously with ongoing education and  professional development to ensure we are aware of and in compliance with the laws of Florida related to notarization of your important documents.

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Whether you need a notary service the next hour, the next day, or the next week, in your home or office or online, The Notary Place has the tools and resources you need to get your task done.

Though dedicated to error-free services, The Notary Place is bonded and insured in compliance with and in excess of legal requirements to protect you in the event of an error or oversight.

Our professional associations help us remain up-to-date on notarization practices and updates to notary law to ensure the notary service you receive is completed properly and legally.

Working with a network of notaries in the state and across the nation, The Notary Place will help you find a local notary when needed. 

Mobile, on-site

When you need a notary service but finding or getting to a Notary is a challenge, The Notary Place will come to you! Serving Tampa and surrounding areas. (Travel fee applies.)

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Remote, online

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All U.S. citizens, regardless where they are located, are able to utilize The Notary Place for notary service for most documents. Schedule a remote notarization today.

Loan Signing

The Notary Place provides loan signing services by a Certified Signing Agent with LLS and NNA loan signing agent certifications and more than 20 years' real estate experience. We have attended hundreds of closings and remain dedicated to professional and focused signings to best represent you at the signing table. you can rely on The Notary Place.

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What happens in a notarization session?

Knowledge-based authentication (KBA) where you must answer several questions to authenticate your presence.

Identification validation where your identification is digitally reviewed to ensure it is valid.

Notarization follows KBA and ID validation at which time you will take an oath or acknowledge the document to complete the notarization.

Closing the transaction, the Notary will advise how and when the document will be available to you.

My wife and I must both get notarized signatures; can you do that?

yes, but you must use separate devices (computer or smart phone) with a webcam and you must each have a different email address.

Must I live in Florida to use The Notary Place?

Absolutely not, and you don't need to BE in Florida when you need a notarization. U.S. citizens with a valid social security number and identification can have documents notarized by The Notary Place where you live and wherever you are. Out of town on business? On vacation? Working out of the country? In each cas, you are only a few clicks away from having your important documents notarized so you can get on with your task at hand.

Can anyone have a notarization with RON?

Only U.S. citizens with a social security number and valid identification are able to use remote online notarization.

How does it work?

You provide a copy of the document to the Notary to upload to the platform. The Notary reviews the document to ensure there are no blank spaces or missing items. After that review, the Notary will email you a link to begin the notarization process. After the notarization is complete you will receive an email with your notarized, tamper-resistant document. you can print this document, save it to your computer and email it to others, if needed.

What is remote online notarization?

Remote online notarization - RON - is notarization conducted over the internet utilizing specialized technology. The notarization session is recorded while you and the notary complete the paperwork.



"A prudent question is one-half of wisdom." - Frances Bacon

My documents requires witnesses. how does that work?

Witnesses are considered signer and must provide a valid email address, answer the knowledge-based authentication questions and present their identification for validation, just as any signer of the documents must provide.

A travel fee is charged for mobile notarization. Please inquire about this fee for your location prior to scheduling service. Payment is due upon scheduling and will be refunded if proper cancellation notice is provided.

Mobile notarization can be scheduled at your home, office, or another location.

All conditions present for general notarization, plus:

The notary reserves the right to refuse or discontinue the notarization if he/she is not comfortable with the setting, the participants, or any documentation or conversation regarding the notarization.

All witnesses needed must be present and must also possess valid identification.

Valid identification is required for all signers. "Valid" means identification that includes a recognizable photograph, a current, verifiable address, and is unexpired.



The parties that must notarize the document are all in different places. Can we all notarize the document electronically?

Yes, each party to sign the document will receive an invitation link to the notarization session, complete the KBA (knowledge-based authentication) and identification verification. Each party must provide a unique email address and log in from a separate device (computer or smart phone) to conduct the signing. They do not have to be in the same state or country to notarize a document online.

Rosie Lee leads The Notary Place with the same dedication she's given to every entrepreneurial effort she's undertaken. As a loan signing agent and general notary, Rosie's focus on the details and penchant for accuracy makes her a valuable addition to the closing team. Moreover, she enjoys the interaction with her clients and their customers and knows her work is a reflection on the entire chain above her. She leaves every customer feeling good about the experience and confident the work was done accurately.

Rosie isn't just another notary. She is the co-founder and executive director of Action Zone, a nonprofit entrepreneur support organization serving Veterans and other military community members in their quest to start or grow a business. Her experience as a serial entrepreneur as well as her own studies of business startup practices makes her an excellent facilitator and mentor for budding entrepreneurs. She is also the CEO of Action Zone Academy, which serves all entrepreneurs without regard to their military community affiliation. She facilitates workshops and classes in collaboration with AARP Foundation and the Work for Yourself @ 50+ program.


The Notary Place


After learning about the notary signing agent industry, Rosie knew this was an incredible opportunity for military spouses stationed around the country. The most under-employed demographic in the U.S., military spouses suffer professionally and financially due to their frequent moves with their active duty spouses. Learning the industry and perfecting their craft means little down time when they transfer to another region in the U.S., usually only the time it takes to obtain a notary commission in their new state. Rosie has begun sharing the signing agent industry with military spouses and is also offering classes on the business startup needed to keep these military spouses professionally active and financially solvent.

What signing services and title companies have to say about Rosie Lee & The Notary Place


What an experience, Rosie! Thank you for walking us through our first RON closing! Thank you for all the information and help. Excited to do our next one.

Jenna Hansen

Old Tampa Bay Title

Rosie has all the right skills and demonstrates exceptional qualities in a notary signing agent: incredible communication, excellent client relations, and accurate and timely closings.

Mary Thomas

RENS Solutions

I certainly hope we are able to work together again; you are very efficient!

Sherry Bratcher

Escrow Officer

DRI Title & Escrow

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